About the Gallery


In a few months “Galerie Alice Mogabgab” shall celebrate its “Silver Jubilee”.
Founded in 1994 by Alice Mogabgab Karam, it evolved over the years into a leading platform on the Beirut artistic scene; but it also registered a marked presence on the Europe scene, through its multiple participations to Art Brussels, Art Paris, and FIAC; also through its private exhibits held in London year after year.

Since its early days, the Gallery thrived and succeeded in establishing itself as a preserve of cultures, tastes, ways of life and multifaceted artistic experiments and environments.

Through permanent dialogue and sustained, patient exchange, the founder succeeded in assembling a vast gathering of painters, sculptors, photographs, and visual artists from as far away horizons as France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Japan, China, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy, the United States… and naturally a select group of Lebanon artists.
With time they ended up constituting a community, sharing a common artistic vision and beliefs.

Alice Mogabgab believes in the virtue of the physical encounters; and she made the Gallery a hub where people are happy to come.
Encounters between artists, to meet and share their experiences, pulses and emotions. Encounters between artists and art critics; to meet and exchange ideas, concepts and visions.
Encounters between artists and nature; since two decades the Gallery invites periodically one artist to reside and work at its property, in a unique, gorgeous Lebanese mountain resort; it is usually a four to twelve weeks’ experience; it was lived and appreciated by many of the Gallery’s artists; they went through it, not just as an encounter with a physical environment; but also as communion with an ancient, vivid culture.

Since a decade, Alice Mogabgab invites a curator to assemble, lead and present to the Beirut public, a thematic exhibit. Michel Baudson, Yves Michaud, Gilbert Lascault and Luc Jacquet have curated yearly collective shows.

The Gallery cultivates a special interest in poetry; and started “Correspondences”; a serie of exhibitions teaming one artist and one contemporary poet; showcasing them together. Michel Butor, Ethel Adnan and Clara Calvet were among the distinguished guests of this platform.

The Gallery’s sustained, unrelenting and varied activity was rewarded, through the raising of interest of a vast network of art collectors, from all over the World; and consequently, it contributed to the establishment of beautiful, high net worth art collections, in many addresses worldwide.

In 2015, Alice Mogabgab launched the Beirut Art Film Festival – BAFF; an initiative which was met by an exceptional public enthusiasm. Quite rapidly BAFF flew into its own, independent orbit; and became an annual rendez-vous of Lebanon intellectual and artistic elite, gathering cinema and performing arts from all around the world.