About the Gallery

In a few months « Galerie Alice Mogabgab » shall be celebrating its silver jubilee; and taking its thrust to Brussels, all in the same time.
Founded in 1994 by Alice Mogabgab Karam, the Gallery evolved over the years into a leading platform of Beirut artistic scene.

Throughout, it marked a noted presence in most preeminent European manifestations: Art Brussels, Art Paris and the FIAC; it also held yearly private exhibits in London. All was by a vivid interest from European artistic community.

True to its credo and values; deeply believing in the symbiosis between different cultures; in creative interaction between various artistic experiments and multifaceted tastes; for all these deeply rooted convictions, Brussels was the natural choice to spread out a cherished experience.

It is a quarter of a century quest of patient exchange and sustained dialogue; where Alice Mogabgab was able to assemble a unique pool of painters, sculptors, photographs, and visual artistes; they were spotted and selected from as far-away places as Brazil, Argentina, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy, China and Japan; and quite naturally a select group of artists from Lebanon.

Artist gathered from separate cultural horizons; from different personal experiments; they obliged and came to Beirut, and met with each other, and with the loving owners of their works.

With time, bonds were created, bridges were thrown over; and the variegated group started to coalesce into an astonishing community, elaborating and sharing into a common artistic vision.

Encounters between artists contributed to this breakthrough. At the initiative of the founder, they would meet in Beirut, Paris and Brussels. But mainly in a unique, gorgeous mountain resort in Lebanon; a four to twelve weeks “internship”; a communion with a unique landscape; but also with a vivid ancient culture.

A further dimension contributing to the emergence of this artistic strata were invitations extended to leading curators and personalities, to come to Beirut. Since a decade, Michel Baudson, Yves Michaud, Gilbert Lascault and Luc Jaquet curated collective shows, and led thematic exhibits.

Then the Gallery leaped towards non-pictural and cultural expression; cultivating interest in poetry. It started “Correspondences”; a serie of exhibitions teaming one artist and one contemporary poet; showcasing them together. Michel Butor, Ethel Adnan and Clara Calvet were among the distinguished guests of this platform, so far.

Along the same vein, Alice Mogabgab launched the Beirut Art film Festival – BAFF; which rapidly flew into its independent orbit; and became an annual rendez-vous of Lebanon’s intellectual and artistic elite.

Such multifaceted activity raised the interest of a vast network of art collectors, from all over the world; they built beautiful, worthy art collections, in many addresses worldwide; such network is part of the Gallery’s circle; the community of art lovers.

It is this whole artistic patrimony that we bring to Brussels, the capital of Europe; and a city sharing into Beirut cosmopolitan tradition and love of art.
We are moving to Brussels under the same denomination and identity; aiming to share our experience and enrich our quest for new dimensions in art and culture.