About the Gallery


The gallery was established by Alice Mogabgab, founder and owner, in Beirut in 1994. Normally, the gallery organizes six exhibitions per year of contemporary works by artists from Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East. Since early years, Alice Mogabgab succeeded in assembling a group of art collectors in Europe and the Middle East, thus contributing to the awareness of high quality art. Starting 2000, the gallery has regularly participated in art fairs, mainly Art Brussels, Art Paris, Art Miami and the FIAC; in addition to organizing private exhibitions in London.

The gallery is dedicated to bridging between many cultures, artistic environments, tastes and ways of life. It has become a place where painters, photographers, sculptors, plasticians and art lovers from different backgrounds got used to converge and meet. It has been a practice of the gallery to invite artists to work and reside in a unique property situated in the Lebanese mountain for periods lasting from one to three months; a most enriching experience.

Year after year, since 2008, the gallery invites well-known curators to organize and lead thematic collective exhibits during the months of June and July. In 2014, the gallery introduced a new series of yearly exhibitions «Correspondances», a dialogue between today’s poets and artists. On January 2015, the gallery inaugurated an intimate dark room, «The Black Box», where chosen works of art are dramatically exhibited, along with the solo shows in the main space. We are proud of our varied experience and look forward to offering more creativity. And more art!